Cure Acne With Detoxification

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Detoxification is a very effective way to deal with pimples and acne since you do not aggravate the condition by applying creams over the ghastly pimples but instead you are flushing out the accumulated waste in your body's internal system that obstructs the smooth functioning of your colon.
Never underestimate the seriousness of acne! For young people, one spot can become a matter of life or death.
This is especially true when personal image plays such a big part in one's acceptance and popularity.
In fact, there is a saying which means that society judges you by your external appearance first before they consider your qualifications and skills.
So, you can see how important a clear complexion is, if one wants to succeed in the workforce.
Acne especially afflicts those who are going through puberty when hormones are sprouting up uncontrollably.
An outcome of the hormone imbalance would be the appearance of red, raw spots all over the face! You slap creams on the affected areas and what do you know? More comes up the next day.
You know you're not supposed to touch them but you want to get rid of them fast and so you start meddling and pinching them with your unclean hands.
And horror upon horror! The next day when you look into the mirror, you wish the earth would swallow you up! You feel and look like a leper.
Acne is horrid! What causes acne? Acne is a skin disease that is triggered by such factors as stress, intake of food that is fried, oily and spicy, poor hygiene, constipation, internal heat and by hormonal imbalance.
People who suffer from acne often shy away from others because of the embarrassment of their skin condition.
A detoxification program to clean the internal system will help to clear the skin much more rapidly and effectively than external application of creams and ointments.
External treatments using acne creams are not as good as detoxification because these creams contain strong chemicals which only add on to the toxic buildup.
In addition, they are harsh on the complexion since they upset the ph balance and strip the skin of its natural oil and moisture.
There is also the danger of developing skin allergies when using acne creams.
It is more effective to treat acne with detoxification since it is the dirty blood in the system that causes much of the outbreaks.
Moreover, it is actually cheaper to treat acne with detoxification because you will be on a fast and about the only money you spend would be on lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and distilled water when you detoxify your body.
You are mainly changing your eating lifestyle when you detox, by abstaining from food.
Acne creams on the other hand can be a pain to the wallet, if you are on a budget.
Detoxification restores the hormonal imbalance thus removing one of the main causes of acne.
It restores the working of your internal system and in the process helps you to regain your strength and vitality.
So, don't hesitate.
Start the road to a good complexion by detoxifying.
You'll be glad at the quick results.
Your complexion will clear up and you won't have to be a social recluse anymore.
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