How to Change Spark Plugs on a 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

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    • 1). Park your motorcycle on a level and hard surface.

    • 2). Reach under the left bottom edge of the motorcycle seat and press the seat release lever (located in the middle of the seat). Lift the seat up. The seat is hinged on the other side and will open like a car trunk hood. Leave the seat in the upright position--this will allow you to access the gas tank retaining bolt.

    • 3). Remove the gas tank retaining bolt at the rear of the gas tank with a socket wrench. Grab the front of the gas tank and the rear of the tank, tilt the rear of the tank up and then pull the tank off the frame. The front of the tank is held onto the frame by pressure only and it will come off easily. Turn the tank sideways and rest it on the front of your Honda Shadow Spirit (balanced across the gauges). The attached fuel and electric lines for the tank do not need to be removed and are long enough for you to do this.

    • 4). Pull the spark plug wire off one of the spark plugs. The wire boot uses a "snap-cap" so it is attached by pressure only and will come off easily when you grab the end of the wire and pull it off the plug.

    • 5). Snap an 18 mm spark plug socket onto your universal socket joint and then attach the joint to your socket wrench. A universal joint allows you to position the spark plug socket at different angles so you can place it on the spark plug end without fighting to get the socket past the motorcycle frame.

    • 6). Loosen the spark plug by turning the socket wrench handle counter-clockwise. Once you feel the spark plug loosen, remove the socket wrench and unscrew and remove the spark plug by hand.

    • 7). Install your new plug and spin it hand tight (clock-wise). Attach the socket wrench to the end of the plug and tighten it 1/2 turn past hand tight. Snap the boot of the spark plug wire onto the end of your new plug and then repeat steps 6 and 7 for each plug until all four are replaced.

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