Power Tools Are Must-Have for People With Osteoarthritis

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Updated January 01, 2014.

I admit that, in the past, when I thought of assistive devices and gadgets for people with arthritis, I tended to think of items that were essential to accomplishing activities of daily living -- activities such as cooking, grocery shopping, sewing, cleaning house, doing laundry, dressing, and grooming. I hadn't thought of the need for easy-to-use power tools until I was trying to put together some shelves I bought a few months ago. I knew the shelves were labeled "some assembly required" but I forgot how much difficulty I'd have using the screwdriver while holding the shelves in place.

Yes, I could have waited until I had help. I often have help available. But there is something to be said for trying to be independent and accomplishing it yourself. This time, I wanted the score to be Me 1, Arthritis 0. I went online and ordered a cordless screwdriver. It was delivered after a few days and I tackled my project -- successfully. Power tools are essential for helping women and men with physical limitations complete do-it-yourself home projects.

1. Hitachi Power Tools 18 Volt Cordless Driver Drill DS18DVF3

This is considered one of the most compact and lightweight cordless drills available. It's 7.5 inches long and weighs 4.4 lb. Provides high torque and precision. Has an ergonomic design with a non-slip rubber grip. Comes with two 1.4Ah batteries, flashlight, quick charger, and a carrying case.More »

2. Black & Decker Screwdriver 9074

The perfect tool for someone who has difficulty using a manual screwdiver. Great for assembling furniture, mounting shelves, changing hardware, or any relatively simple home project. Has forward and reverse. Runs at 180 rpm and delivers 40 in. lbs of torque.More »

3. Black & Decker Phs550b Powered Handsaw With Bag

This powered handsaw is great for indoor projects or pruning. Has a large capacity blade for cuttingwood, metal, plastic, and PVC.More »

4. Autowrench® 8" Automatic Adjustable Wrench - Model AAW100

An automatic wrench with one-touch size adjustment up to 1 1/4 inch. You can get a solid grip on the handle and use for plumbing applications, repairs, and assembly of many products. Comes with two AAA batteries. Made by Black & Decker.More »

5. Bullseye® Auto-Leveling Laser with AnglePro

Tired of crooked pictures hanging on the wall? This is an automatic leveling device.It projects horizontally or vertically and has a reference for angled lines. Use it to hang shelves, pictures, or other decorative items. Comes with two AAA batteries. Made by Black & Decker.More »

6. Work Light, Cordless LED, 14.4V

Shine the light where you need it. This is a cordless work light with an LED bulb. It features a 90 degree pivoting head. It has a compact shape and soft-grip handle. The battery pack and battery charger are not included. Made by Snap-on.More »

7. Craftsman Electric Staple/Nail Gun, EasyFire™

This easy fire tool shoots staples, fires brad nails, and tacks wire with the flick of a switch. Has an 8 foot cord and 10 amps of power. Allows you to conserve your energy while working on home projects.More »
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