Tinnitus Vitamin Therapy

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Tinnitus vitamin therapy is one way that you can try to treat your condition of tinnitus.
There are many different causes of tinnitus and each person with it may suffer from it in a different way.
Therefore, different people will have different results from using vitamins and herbs as a tinnitus therapy.
There are many herbs and vitamins used in treating tinnitus and here you will find information pertaining to the ones that are the most common.
•Lycium Fruit - This herb has been used as an effected treatment for tinnitus and to treat blurred vision, night blindness and dizziness.
•Cornus - Used alone Cornus is not very effective but used in combination with "Chinese Fox Glove Root and Chinese Yam" many people have found it to be quite effective.
•Pulsatilla - Many herbalist use Pulsatilla as a tinnitus vitamin therapy but it must be used with care.
Used incorrectly it can slow down a person's heart rate, induce paralysis and even cause death.
If the skin stays in contact with this herb for long periods of time it can cause blisters to form.
Unless you are an experienced herbalist that completely understands how to use Pulsatilla it is recommended that you don't use it.
•Black Cohosh - This herb is known for its ability to provide a calming effect that helps to reduce anxiety and nervousness that can increase the symptoms of tinnitus.
•Cuscuta - Cuscuta is found in Chinese dodder seeds and they are used both alone and in combination with astragalus seeds to treat tinnitus and other conditions such as blurred vision and dizziness.
•B Vitamins - B12 and B6 are two of the most commonly used for tinnitus but vitamin B1, B2 and B3 are also used.
•Foxglove Root Chinese - This herb is used alone and with other herbs as an effective tinnitus vitamin therapy.
It is recommended that you use the cooked preparation instead of the raw version.
Caution should always be used with this herb.
Therefore, only an experienced herbalist should mix the dosage and combine this herb with others.
•Ginkgo Biloba - The leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba has been used to treat tinnitus for many years.
It is well-known for increasing the circulation throughout the entire body and this is why it is believed to help the symptoms of tinnitus.
•Alisma - Alisma is a powdery white plant that is used as a tinnitus vitamin therapy.
It is also used to relieve dizziness, dysentery, diarrhea and edema.
There are still other vitamins and herbs that are used to treat tinnitus but these are the ones that are used the most.
Tinnitus is a real problem that affects millions of people.
It can be anything from a low annoying noise to a disturbing loud noise that totally disrupts your life.
When tinnitus is interfering with your life it is necessary to look for ways to eliminate or reduce the symptoms.
At the very least tinnitus vitamin therapy may be able to keep the tinnitus under control.
Many conventional methods may not work for a countless number of people that suffer from tinnitus.
For those people, using tinnitus vitamin therapy may be the answer they have been searching for.
Before using any alternative method always discus your condition with your health care provider first and make sure you understand all there is to know about the herb or vitamin you plan to use.
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