Can Sterilite Containers Be Used for Growing Potted Plants?

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    Drill Holes

    • Drill drainage holes in the bottom of the container to allow water to escape. Place a saucer underneath with pea gravel inside the saucer to collect the water.

    Hydroponics and Aeroponics

    • Sterilite tubs are used frequently in hydroponic and aeroponic growing as a base for the growing system. Their primary use is as a delivery system for the root nutrients. Aeroponics differs from hydroponics in the following way: In Aeroponics, the roots of the plant are hanging down from the plant and are left exposed to the air and misted with water and nutrient, whereas in hydroponics the roots of the plant are placed in water.

    Steriline Color and Depth

    • Dark-colored sterilite containers will absorb more heat, which may hurt the plant's roots. Different varieties of plants require more or less room for their roots. Place plants with shallow root systems into shallow containers. Plants that grow deep root systems will need a deeper container.

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