How to Call Someone and Just Leave a Voicemail

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    • 1). Dial the person's number and allow the phone to ring. If the person isn't home or chooses not to answer, the voice mail function will kick in. The voice mail greeting will begin playing after a certain number of rings, which can typically range anywhere from three rings to 10 or more.

    • 2). Hang up the phone if the person answers and you just want to leave a voice mail message without conversing. Call back at a later time when you know the person isn't likely to answer the phone.

    • 3). Listen to the voice mail greeting for specific instructions so you'll know what kind of message to leave. Leaving a message is straightforward, but some people may ask that you leave a brief message, avoid leaving messages unless it's an emergency, or call them at an alternate number.

    • 4). Leave your message in a clear, concise manner. If you are making a business-related call, explain who you are, why you're calling and leave a contact number. If it's a personal call, and especially if it's to someone with whom you frequently talk over the phone, keep the message short and simple. Hang up as soon as you finish recording the message.

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