Home Based Travel Agent Business - Three Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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Working from home as a travel agent can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path for anyone preferring to earn money from home.
The start up costs are not as high as you might expect, and with advanced technology available at your fingertips you can give the big boys in the industry a run for their money.
Do have all the knowledge you need to get started in a home based travel business? Here are the answers to three of the most frequently asked questions in the field.
How do I get started? The first thing that you will need to do is affiliate yourself with a travel agency you will be booking the trips, vacations, flights and hotels through.
It may well be that in order to get the best deals for your customers that you will have to be an affiliated member of several different agencies rather than just one.
However, there are some agencies who might prefer it if you deal solely with them and no one else.
Therefore, you need to decide very early on whether you want to be a sole agent for one agency or for several, which ones you feel most comfortable with, and which offer the best deals for your clients and of course for yourself.
Do I need any special training or education before I can get started? It's not required but it helps.
If you're willing to learn as you go, all you need is self-discipline, some marketing knowledge and administrative skills.
If you don't have those skills yet you will have to hire someone who has, or go through the appropriate training yourself.
How do I get my first customers? In order to gain experience it is advisable that you ask family members and friends if they would mind referring people they know to you.
Even though you will know most of them, it is still highly recommended that you treat them in the same professional way as you would treat a complete stranger.
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