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This history lesson reaches far back in time and then makes a great leap forward.
Some of it is true for it is recorded history and some of it is projection and is there a possible correlation? The reason I surmise is because so many people wonder where the world is going.
What will the future be like for those who live another 50 years and what will our grandchildren and great grandchildren have to look forward to? The only way you can know the future is to study the past.
Man continues to repeat his mistakes over and over again.
He refuses to learn from recorded history.
About 50 B.
the Romans ruled Europe and the known world.
They placed garrisons in Greece, Germany, France, England, Constantinople and many other lands.
They maintained trade, built roads and supervised law and order.
This required an expensive military paid in large part by Roman citizens.
About 450 years later the Roman army was being withdrawn from its frontiers.
As the garrisons disappeared the empire collapsed.
There was no one to maintain law and order and for the next 400 years Europe fell into chaos.
The Vikings, Huns and other barbarians ravaged the countryside.
The populations declined.
Then around A.
1000 things began to improve.
We need not go any further with out history lesson.
Today the U.
might be considered the Rome of the modern world.
As Rome fought the Germans and defeated them so has the U.
As Rome fought the Eastern empires and defeated so has the U.
In similar circumstances we have occupied countries (have garrisons) and slowly these countries have become more and more like the U.
as did the areas dominated by the Roman legions.
Resentment and jealousy was always a hidden factor then as it is now.
Now jump to a possible future.
How long can we maintain our garrisons? Like Rome will we slowly withdraw and allow the current day Huns, Vikings and other barbarians to overcome the example of our way of life? How long will this demise take? Fifty years, 100 years, longer? Or ever? With the speed of communication today it would not be unusual to say it will not take the 500 years it took Rome to be ravaged.
The leadership of Rome thought only of remaining in power.
The gladiatorial games kept the citizenship mollified.
Our present day politicians look no further than being reelected.
No bloody gladiators, but many other organized sports for the citizens.
Where are the statesmen to save the empire? This history lesson is only for those who will think beyond tomorrow.
Can we let history repeat?
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