Bon Voyage!

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Many people are familiar with that phrase as it is the one they hear once they've embarked on their travels.
Hearing this phrase conjures up images of a luxury liner filled with cheering people waving to a number of persons on the dock seeing them off.
The phrase is French and literally means 'good voyage'.
It is used to tell travelers that they are wished the very best as they start their journey.
It's a wonderful phrase as it gives the travelers a sense of freedom and goodwill to enjoy themselves as they embark on their journey.
The word voyage actually refers to a journey on a ship or boat by sea.
So wishing someone bon voyage means wishing them a good voyage on a sea trip.
The use of the phrase now means more than the initial meaning of a good journey by sea.
The phrase is now used to wish persons all the very best in whatever endeavors they undertake.
Persons who are moving on from one job to another are sometimes wished 'bon voyage'.
Changing jobs is considered similar to going on a new journey hence the use of the term 'bon voyage'.
A career change is often compared to a journey as the person often does not know what is involved in their new place of employment or business.
Likewise going on a vacation brings a sense of adventure and freedom which is linked with visiting a new place.
It is good to go on a vacation.
It usually involves travelling from one place to another.
Sometimes the travelling is done within one's own country.
At other times it is done internationally, across the borders of different countries.
Whether travel is domestic or international, there is no distinction in the use of the term 'bon voyage'.
Taking a trip may also involve seeing new, exotic places.
Exotic places bring with them the possibility of trouble however.
Wishing 'bon voyage' communicates the wish that the travelers will have a good time and return happy and well rested, having suffered no mishaps.
Vacationers who sail on cruise ships and other smaller vessels are sure to appreciate the use of the words 'bon voyage'.
These ships and vessels provide an atmosphere of fun and relaxation.
Cruise ships sail from country to country on a specific schedule offering a wide variety of activities on board as well as the options of visiting the sites and attractions in more than one location.
A cruise to places such as the Caribbean is a very popular vacation activity.
Undoubtedly, the passengers are used to hearing 'bon voyage' at almost every port.
If you've been longing to take a vacation, you probably would be very happy to hear someone say 'bon voyage'.
It would be a sure indication that your bags have been packed and you are well on your way to your vacation destination.
Who could blame you if for your next vacation you headed for an island on an ocean bound vessel.
The sound of 'bon voyage' would almost certainly guarantee a marvelous vacation.
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