Why Should I Focus On Quality Before Quantity In List Building?

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In any type of internet marketing, your list is the key factor that determines your success.
A lot of people have a wrong perception that huge email lists equal success.
Unless your lists are highly targeted and willing to buy from you, you are wasting your time, effort and most importantly money.
Let's discuss the three main reasons why list quality is more important than list quantity.
Protect your investment
Part of your investment in internet marketing includes buying domain, hosting services, autoresponder, PLRs, sales page, ghostwriters and designer to name a few.
Among all these, autoresponder will be your most expensive investment if you have huge lists.
All the freebie seeker emails sitting on your lists doing nothing can easily deplete your investment in autoresponder alone by more than 50%! And you, hoping to earn a couple of bucks from them, continue to send emails that they hardly open.
So, do not waste time and money sending emails to people who will not buy products from you.
Generate higher returns
Which one would you prefer; a list of 100,000 emails generating $100,000 or a list of 50,000 emails generating $100,000? The former generates a return of $1 per subscriber, which is pretty decent but the latter is generating $2 per subscriber.
This can only be achieved if your lists contain quality leads and well-built relationship.
A quality list needs time to build and nurture to become loyal customers.
Although it takes time to build a high quality and targeted list, it is easier to sell to these people again and again rather than focusing on building a huge list and selling to new prospects.
Leverage your credibility
There may be times where people would want to joint venture with you to sell some new products.
If you send emails to high quality lists promoting the products and you performed beyond the expectation of your partners, you will have more leverage.
They will look at you as a person who can be trusted to do a joint venture.
Nothing spreads faster than word of mouth.
Your name will be well known as a person who is dependable to start a joint venture with.
With the leverage and your quality list combined, you can generate a higher amount of sales and eventually generating more income online.
In a nutshell, your main focus in list building should always be quantity of quality leads.
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