How to Be a Brand Ambassador, Promotional Talent, Promo Model

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      In order to be a Brand Ambassador, Promotional Talent, Promo Model, you will need to have someone take photos of you, preferably Headshots, 3/4 Shots and Full body shots. Be sure the photos are clear. Save the photos on your computer so that you can use them to apply for Brand Ambassador jobs if needed.

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      Find Brand Ambassador, Promotional Talent, Promo Model modeling agencies to register with. You can find a free list of Brand Ambassador modeling agencies, Brand Ambassador staffing agencies and event staffing agencies by visiting: All Casting Calls (

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      When you receive a job notice, the Brand Ambassador, Promotional Talent, Promo Model staffing agency will send you all the details of job. Be sure to read all the details before applying for the Brand Ambassador promotional job. When you receive a Brand Ambassador promotional job notice, read all the job details. Make sure you understand what you would be promoting, what the date and times of the promotional job, what the dress code is, what the job responsibilities are and what the pay rate is.

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      If you agree with all the details of the promotion, you can follow the submission guidelines of the brand ambassador/promotional agency. Submitting for a Brand Ambassador Job usually consists of sending an email back to the agency with your name, photos, promotional resume, photos and availability.

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      After you submit your information, check your email within the next couple of days to see if you were hired for the promotional job. The Brand Ambassador staffing agency will usually send you a booking confirmation and will then send you more information; a timesheet and a report form so that you can report the results and feedback from the people you interacted with on the promotional job. Once you have received all the details, read it over immediately. This way, you understand what the agency expects of you.

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      After you have completed a Brand Ambassador promotional job, send in your timesheet and paperwork on time. By sending in your timesheet and paperwork late, you will hold up your payment and sometimes-other brand ambassador payments. Payment generally takes 30 - 60+ days for payment.

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      To start working as a Brand Ambassador, start registering with Brand Ambassador modeling and staffing agencies. You can start by visiting All Casting Calls ( You can also visit craigslist. Look under the "Gigs" area. There you will find many Brand Ambassador/Promotional jobs. Just be careful and do your research on the company first before applying to jobs on craigslist.

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      For more detailed information on how to make money as a Brand Ambassador, Promotional Talent, Promo Model, visit You can also visit the other links below (under "RESOURCES" to get more free advice and tips)

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