Organizing On A Budget

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Many people don't organize because they perceive it to be too costly. This concern is particularly prevelant when there is a downturn in the economy and people need to spend less. You should know that organizing doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, you can enjoy all of the benefits of organizing on a small budget.

Here are some tips for saving money, time, and energy when organizing:

1. Recycle. When decluttering, blue box appropriate broken, torn and worn out items. You'll clear your space and help the environment at the same time.

2. Share. Give clothes that you no longer wear to someone less fortunate. You'll make room for other belongings and be able to use your storage space more effectively.

3. Rethink. Find new and practical uses for the storage products and spaces that you already have. By being creative, you can find innovative ways to use what you have more effectively and efficiently.

4. Sell. Use classified and auction sites to sell valuable items that you no longer use. You'll free up your space and make money at the same time.

5. Monitor. Watch for deep discount sales on organizing products. The three best things about a downturn in the economy are sales, sales, sales. Retailers are currently deep discounting their wares to bring buyers into their stores and that means great bargains are to be had. Check the websites of your favorite organizing stores regularly and join their newsletters for advance notice of sales.

6. Redeem. Find coupons for organizing stores in newspapers and online. Check store sites, weekly flyers and coupon sites regularly.

7. Borrow. Get organizing books from the library for ideas and inspiration. This will help you to organize faster and with better results.

8. Research. Use the internet to find information on how to organize. You can find organizing tips and ideas online for free. Use a search engine and targeted keywords (for example, "home organizing", "garage organizing", etc.) to find articles relevant to your specific project.

9. Compare. Use the internet to comparison shop for the lowest prices and for store ratings and organizing product reviews. Use sites like BizRate, DealTime, and PriceGrabber, to name a few, to find the best overall value on organizing products.

10. Consult. Ask for organizing solutions uing free online advice services. Ask questions on Home and Garden organizing forums and Yahoo Answers. You can even ask Professional Organizer Andrew Neary for free advice through his "Ask Andrew" column at

By using these tips for organizing on a budget, you'll save money (you could even earn money), time and effort and still enjoy all of the benefits of getting organized. You'll have less stress and more comfort and your home will look so much better.
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