How To Accurately Measure Penis Length & Girth - Get Your True Measurement Easily & Quickly

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If you are wanting to learn how to accurately measure penis length and girth you've come to the right place.
This article will teach you how to easily and quickly get your true measurement and what you can do afterwards.
If you are looking at measuring your penis size chances are you're wondering how you measure up -- because a health penis size is strongly related to a healthy self esteem and confidence as a lover, which is why you need to get your measurements right first go.
As you read this article you'll learn how to measure your penis size accurately and also be given a guide as to how to create a chart to measure your penis enhancement -- as this is probably why you are wanting to increase your penis size now, isn't it? So let's get started.
This is an exciting time for you! So let's look at measuring penis length first.
Your penis length is the distance from where your penis connects to the abdomen to the very tip of the penis (the head).
The diameter of your penis is the distance around the thickest part of the shaft, usually closer to the base! To get best results measure when you are flaccid first and also when you are erect.
There will be a difference in size in both instances.
Remember to ensure that your penis is as hard as possible for a measure of your penis at its best.
What should you use for measuring length?? A ruler will suffice.
Don't press it too hard across your stomach.
Just place it softly against your stomach to get a correct measurement.
Now to measure penis girth you can use either wool, string or a fabric or plastic measuring tape.
Wrap it around your penis width once and mark it where the two ends meet.
Use a ruler if you're using string or wool.
Now to create a simple penis enlargement growth chart you can use Excel or just pen and paper.
Record your start date (say today's date) and take a note of your measurements as follows: Flaccid Length Erect Length Flaccid Girth Erect girth +/- change at the end Create spaces to record your enhancement in fortnightly increments! So now that you're ready to measure your penis and track your enhancement results you're probably wondering what is the best method for permanent penis enhancement? As exercises are too labour intensive and there is no guarantee of results I don't recommend them for you.
As penis devices can be very inconvenient and uncomfortable I won't suggest those either.
For the fastest way to get permanent penis enhancement results that involves no effort and no inconvenience there's only one thing -- the penis pill.
Because there are scams out there you need to be careful about what you buy -- and only go with a pill you can trust -- which means you need to understand my buying tips carefully below.
Make sure the pill is well known and has been around for many, many years - 10 is ideal! Make sure there's proof they work, look for case studies, comparisons etc.
Make sure there's a money back guarantee -- that way your purchase is risk free.
Make sure that the ingredients are safe and natural - you will be side effect free that way.
Now that you know exactly what kind of pill to look for you can be confident that when you do your research today that you'll make the right decision.
With my smart buying tips you'll be relieved to know that you've bought the best pill on the market that will give you the permanent penis enhancement results you're after.
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