Why Regular Air Conditioning Service Makes Sense

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More than 87 percent of American homes have air conditioning equipment, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Around 58 million of those households aren't enrolled in a maintenance plan, yet both the EIA and the Department of Energy (DOE) recommend regular air conditioning service as the best way to ensure that the system is operating at peak energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to saving money on A/C systems, energy efficiency is the key. When air conditioning systems use only the minimum amount of energy needed to keep homes comfortably cool, owners reap the benefits with lower monthly energy bills. A service plan is the most cost-effective way to make sure that A/C units maintain high efficiency.

Balancing the System

Regular air conditioning service entails far more than simple checks on filters, drip pans and condensate lines. A/C systems require a careful balance between the condenser that cools the refrigerant and the evaporator that cools and dehumidifies the air before it's distributed into the home. Regular maintenance helps ensure that all the components of an A/C system work together to deliver conditioned air and lower humidity. An unbalanced system will cause undue wear on equipment, leading to otherwise unnecessary repairs down the line.

Included Services

Thorough annual or bi-annual service includes performance evaluations that verify the system's operating temperatures, check refrigerant levels and evaluate system controls and safeties. A good HVA/C technician will inspect and clean blowers and fans, will clean or replace filters and will adjust or replace fan belts. The motor will be checked to determine if it needs lubrication.

Duct Inspections

Maintaining the ductwork in central air conditioning systems is a crucial component of regular A/C maintenance. Up to 30 percent of conditioned air can be lost due to leaky ducts. Because ductwork with leaks and gaps pulls outdoor air into the home, leaky ducts affect the quality of the indoor air as well. When household members suffer from respiratory problems, allergies or asthma, sealing and insulating ducts is an important consideration. Because ducts both deliver and remove air, improperly sealed ductwork can hamper the system's efficiency.

During regularly scheduled air conditioning maintenance services, an HVA/C technician may also recommend home improvements that can increase the A/C system's energy efficiency. Suggested improvements can include switching to a better type of air filter, cutting back vegetation around outdoor units or updating supply registers. Affordable regular A/C service not only helps keep homes cool and comfortable but saves money by increasing efficiency, preventing repairs and extending the life of the system.
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