Fun For Kitty While You are at Work

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An easy, fun and inexpensive way to give your cats something to do while you are away at work is to get a bird feeder.

A correctly placed bird feeder can entertain for hours. It is not only entertainment for your cats, it can be rewarding for all members of the family.

Probably the most fun for your cat is if you get a bird feeder that attaches to your window with suction cups. They can be found in any pet store for a very reasonable price.

Here are some tips to ensure your success:

1.Get bird seeds that attracts a large variety of birds. Not using the right seeds can make the feeder a failed attempt at kitty entertainment. Black sunflower seeds are a favorite for many birds, but get seeds that also have millet, nuts and fruits.

2.Place the feeder in the correct location. Birds are usually cautious and need access to cover. Place the feeder close to a bush or a tree where birds can take cover. No place to hide nearby will ensure that no birds will visit your feeder.

3.Keep the feeder clean and the seeds fresh. In the beginning it may take days for the birds to find your feeder. Place only enough seeds in the feeder that they will be consumed within a couple of days. When moisture hits the seeds they will get moldy and begin to sprout. That is not a good thing, so keep an eye on how quickly the seeds get consumed.

4.If after several days there is no activity in the feeder even though there are birds nearby, try a different location. Also check that your kitties are not getting too close to the feeder from inside the window.

If you have a patio door with glass, or a French door, setting out a feeder on the ground is another great option. The window feeders are usually too small for doves and other larger birds, so a ground feeder can get quite a bit of traffic even of you already have the window feeder. Again, just make sure you provide a variety of seeds.

If you get squirrels set out a feeder for them as well. They are very entertaining and your cats will love to watch them. Corn on the cob is a squirrel favorite as is peanuts. Squirrels are also smart and will soon learn that the cats can't get to them and will come very close to the window just to tease the cats.
Fun to be had by all!

Watching wildlife is heaven for a hunter. Make sure to provide places for your cat to hide inside the window. A box or a cube, or just making sure kitty can peek from some location in full stalking mode.
Using a wand toy such as DaBird is a great way to allow your cat to actually catch a prey after having watched all that exciting wildlife.

A bird feeder is a fun way to provide stimulation for a hunter. We believe that when we can provide some of the conditions that are natural for a cat, such as stalking real prey, we have a much more happy and content furry friend.
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