Tanita Bathroom Scale Information

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    HD-366 Digital

    • The HD-366 has a large base to support a weight capacity of 440 lb. Weight totals are displayed in 0.2-lb. increments on a single line measuring 2 1/2 inches by nearly 4 inches. The scale operates on four AAA batteries (included). The display glass is 8mm thick and is made from black tempered glass. It has blue liquid crystal display numbers for easy viewing. As of 2011, the scale is priced at $69.99.

    HD-351 Digital

    • The HD-351 model is priced at $71.99 as of 2011 and is available in a cream color. The HD-351's maximum weight capacity is 440 lb., and it has a large floor base. The LCD numbers display is slightly more than 1 1/2 inches. Five users can program the scale to hold previous and current weights. Weights are measured in 0.2-lb. increases, and the scale is powered with four AA batteries (included).

    HD-351BT Bluetooth Wireless

    • Priced at $209.99, the HD-351BT has the capability to transmit data wirelessly to your home computer. This technology helps you record your weight trends for longer periods and keep track of personal weight goals. Numbers are displayed on two lines on a window that is slightly larger than 1 1/2-inches. The maximum weight for this model is 440 lb., and it will hold previous and current weight for four users. The scale is available in nickel and uses four AA batteries (included).

    HD-357 Digital

    • The HD-357 has a built-in handle and is just over one-half inch thick. Maximum weight capacity is 330 lb., and it calibrates weight measurements in 0.2-lb. increases. The HD-357 is powered by two CR2032 lithium batteries that are included. This model is available in candy-apple red and costs $64.99.

    HS-301GL Iron Girl

    • The Iron Girl is powered by solar cells and works under natural or artificial light. The HS-301G is available in two weight capacities, 4.4-to-200-lb. and 200-to-330-lb. versions. The latter version measures in increments of 1 lb. The Iron Girl is available in white.

    HD-314 Digital and HD-313 Digital

    • Both of these models have a weight capacity of 330 lb. and run on four AA batteries (included). The HD-314 has a screen slightly larger than 1 1/2 inches while the HD-313 screen is slightly less than 1 1/2 inches. The HD-314 is priced at $35.99, and the HD-313 is the least expensive at $32.29. Both models come in white.

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