How to Make Hanging Flower Arrangements

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    • 1). Line the inside of the pot with the water absorbing material, such as moss. Purchase a lightweight growing mixture or create a mixture using sterile potting mix, peat moss and perlite.

    • 2). Fill pot with potting soil or growing mixture up to 2 inches from the rim of the pot. If using soil, stir in water absorbing gel or crystals to the growing mixture to retain moisture between watering.

    • 3). Plant the flowers starting in the middle and working out towards the edges. Choose the same flower or multiples that reflect your personal style. Impatiens and asparagus ferns work well in partial shade. Narrow-leaf zinnia and geraniums grow well in full sun.

    • 4). Water full sun plants several times a week, and on hotter summer days, every day. If your potting mix does not come with fertilizer, add a water-soluble fertilizer to your watering can. Read the directions for the fertilizer you choose, since the amount and frequency of use differ.

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