Eating Healthy Using a Meat Grinder

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Do you already have a meat grinder? Did you know that grinding your own meat could help you live a healthy, active lifestyle? According to studies and surveys, Americans today eat about three hundred or more calories than in 1985.
This is a big increase; about 12 percent in calories and twenty-four in fat calories.
In fact, Americans eat about 81.
4 grams of fat.
We see today that we are becoming more and unhealthier, both with our lifestyle and eating habits.
It can be pretty hard to stay away from fat and calories, especially if you're someone who likes to go out.
There can be a lot of temptations, and sometimes, discipline isn't enough to fight them off.
If you invest in a meat grinder, you'll easily be able to control what you put in your food.
You can cut out the fat completely if you want something very lean.
Furthermore, you have control over the cut of meat you want to grind up.
You can choose to grind lean meat so that you don't get too much fat from it.
You can add your own blend of spices and herbs, even flavorings so that it comes out tasting wonderful.
Even vegetables and fruits are no stranger to the grinder.
The best part of all is that you don't have to stop eating all of your favorite things.
You can still eat burgers even if you're on a diet because everything you cooked with was pretty lean and healthy.
You can use a meat grinder to make a lot of dishes.
Meatloaves, hamburgers and sausages are just the beginning.
Once you start experimenting with your grinder, there's no going back.
It opens up a lot of possibilities in the kitchen, because you'll be able to do more with the simple things you have in the kitchen.
Now, that's a challenge for a real cook.
One of the most favorite recipes using a meat grinder is the Mean Lean Sausage.
It is a sausage made out of skinless turkey breasts, pork loin, garlic and onion.
They are mixed together in the grinder with all of the seasonings included.
This allows the flavor to completely combine.
Grinding the meat while with the ingredients gives them a time to bond and get to know each other.
It also creates a more flavorful sausage.
If you'd like, you can put some salt and pepper to taste on those sausages.
All you have to do is fry the burger patties on a hot pan until its golden brown.
Fill a skillet or frying pan with some oil.
Let it get sufficiently hot and place your patties on top until you're done.
Cooking lean sausage using lean cuts of meat is such a wise idea.
You are able to get the things you want without having to sacrifice health concerns.
It is a great way to really revolutionize how you look at food and cooking.
Make your life easier and healthier using meat grinders as they are the key to healthy living at home.
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