The Key to Interval Eating

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One of the best ways to burn more calories without having to change up your diet is to start eating smaller meals more times throughout the day.
That's right, back to the basics when we were kids and our moms always had snacks handy to give us in between meals and we ate every 2-3 hours.
Out of all these meals the biggest should be breakfast.
Skipping this is a big no-no as this sets the tone for your metabolism all day.
Even if you're not hungry you need to put some fuel in the tank.
You want to include complex carbohydrates and protein.
So even if you have your favorite foods in mind try to focus on whole grains,fruits and veggies vs.
white breads and white sugar.
Eggs (whites are better) are a good protein source for this time of day.
A couple hours after that throw in a piece of fruit, granola bar (ahealthy kind), or some other snack that has complex carbos and/or protein.
These are what really boost the metabolism and keep you full.
Same goes for lunch.
I'm a fan of sandwiches so whole wheat bread with some turkey and veggies on it usually fits with my routine.
Don't overeat here as it'll make you feel tired.
Just eat enough to get you to a mid afternoon snack.
For your afternoon snack, say around 3:00 PM, you want to get some fiber, fat, and protein.
These release energy slowly and should carry you to dinner just fine without feeling tired.
Whole graincrackers with light cheese is a good combo for this, or perhaps you saved some of your sandwich over from lunch and can finish it here.
Dinnertime should come 2-3 hours after that and if you really want to do it right about ½ of your plate should consist of fruits and veggies (emphasis on the veggies), ¼ a lean protein, and ¼ whole grain.
That's the ideal, but you don't need to be over religious about it.
Then throw in a bedtime snack later in the evening.
Here you wantto focus on carbohydrates to help you sleep.
Avoid protein, but alittle bit is okay.
If you start eating less more often there is no question your metabolism will perform much better and burn more calories, give you more energy, and provide you with the focus you need to handle each day.
Give it a try and at the very least you can start by saving ½ to 2/3 what you normally would at mealtime and eat the remaining amount as one of your snacks.
That alone will help tremendously.
Many people have a hard time getting started on the right path towards losing weight.
Some of it is physical, but for the most part it is all a mental challenge.
We have trained our minds when we should eat.
Too often we eat when we are not even hungry.
we are not deciding we are hungry by what our body is telling us, but rather we are deciding whether we are hungry or not by the clock on the wall.
To this end, many people need a boost to get them over this mental hump.
Here is where an effective diet pill can come in very handy.
The diet pill I have found that performs the best is called maXreduce.
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