Things to Make With Neckties

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    • Old neckties still have value, even after they are no longer in style and no longer worn. There are numerous uses and other items you can make out of neckties. The projects do not require many additional items and take only a few hours to create.

    A Chair Back

    • A necktie chair back takes approximately 30 neckties for an average-sized straight-back chair and a small cushion for the seat of the chair. This is a no-sew project, making it even simpler to do. The neckties are woven and tied together to make the back and seat of the chair. Additional neckties can be found very inexpensively at thrift stores and boutiques.

    Necktie Scarf

    • The necktie scarf requires eight neckties, a seam ripper, ruler, scissors, rotary cutter, mat, sewing pins, a sewing machine, sewing needle, thread color of your choice and half a yard of fabric backing. You will be taking the neckties apart to make the scarf. It is best to use silk neckties, since they are lighter than the polyester type and easier to work with. Craft Stylish has step-by-step instructions, including pictures, to complete this project.

    Necktie Skirt

    • The necktie skirt requires a sewing machine, a sewing needle, sewing thread in the color of your choice, a zipper, scissors and sewing pins. The number of neckties needed will depend on your waist size, so measure your waist and then measure the width of the neckties, leaving additional space for a zipper. Continue checking the size as you add each necktie. Craftster has clear instructions and pictures to follow to complete a necktie skirt.

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