How to Play Caldera Hellion on "Magic the Gathering"

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    • 1). Build a red deck with red land cards or mountains as well as any red spell cards and creatures that you wish to include in it, in addition to Caldera Hellion. You should have a land to card ratio of about one to three to ensure that you have enough Mana at all times.

    • 2). Begin playing a game; draw seven cards at the start and then one card per turn. Place down one land card on each turn.

    • 3). Draw Caldera Hellion in to your hand. If you have the required five Mana to play the card, tap the land cards and place Caldera Hellion down on the playing field to play it.

    • 4). Inform your opponent of Caldera Hellion's unique damage ability. When put in play, the card will deal three points of damage to each creature card on the field, including your own. This will kill off any weaker monster cards that have a defense attribute of three or less.

    • 5). Sacrifice some of your own creature cards that are already in play to increase the power of Caldera Hellion, which will gain one point of damage and defense with each sacrificed creature. Any of your creature cards that would die from the three points of damage that the card inflicts should be sacrificed instead.

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