Online Sales, the Beginning of a Profitable Friendship

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One day I asked my man what's his favorite piece of clothing.
I was expecting to hear words like "jeans" or "t-shirt" but he said that what he loves most is the dressing gown.
Don't get me wrong, I know that every evening after he comes home, he changes into that blue robe.
I just never expected to be his favorite.
To thank him for being such a great guy, I thought a new dressing gown would be a great surprise.
Obviously, my man deserves the best! But that turned me into a real hunter, because great deals are hard to find.
Wrong! Once I started to search the web, I discovered that some online stores have constant sales and promotions.
I even found a website that puts together all the discounts and sales from all over the country.
That was the place for shopping! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the discounts.
I was planning a small gift, but let me tell you how it ended.
First, there was this quality cotton robe that was perfect for warmer months.
Yes, it's October, but until spring and summer it's just a snap.
And the saving was really consistent, of 50%.
Looking over those amazing deals, I thought a nice toweling fabric robe would make him feel a bit spoiled before and after a good bath.
My pocket was spoiled too, with a 30% discount.
The deals were great and it was only natural to add some pajamas to my better half's comfort.
And there they were, with a t-shirt and shorts for warm nights, with 40% off.
For the cold season, I bought a set of lounge wear with another discount of 40%.
Well, I was already far enough from a one-piece gift and I couldn't resist the 20% saving for some great leather slippers.
I guess Christmas came earlier this year.
But Santa (my new middle name) was really happy to buy these presents at fantastic prices.
I can't describe the face of my man when he saw the package.
I guess he liked them a lot.
Or it was just a coincidence that one evening he drove to pick me up from my parents' wearing a dressing gown and leather slippers.
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