Understanding Affordable Health Insurance In Detail

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All of us are generally well aware of life insurance policy and its importance in life. But it is only one important part of insurance task and a primitive idea, which started when apart from risk to life, there was minimal requirement and awareness for reasons to go on for other types of insurance, one of the most important amongst them being medical insurance plan. The things have to come to a pass when troublesome life schedule comprising hectic and troublesome bad lifestyle, terrific traffic hazards, pollution (particularly in urban cities) etc. have become great health hazards. So, nowadays to live a peaceful healthy life going in only for a life insurance cover is not sufficient. One has also to get financial security by opting certain more healthcare insurance policies for eventualities like accidents, chronic diseases etc., resulting in the outcome of severe injuries like broken limbs, burns, heart failure, brain hemorrhage etc. We analyze hereunder the options for you to choose the plans which may be affordable and still specific to your needs.

Key Points to Keep in Mind W.R.T. Affordable Health Insurance

(a) India offers universal healthcare framework, which renders a cheap healthcare system health care to all its citizens, which is protected by government rules and regulations.
(b) You can insure generally for sum between Rs.2.5 lakhs and Rs.15 lakhs, depending upon your pocket.
(c) There are companies which provide 50% to 60% of insurance premium rebate
(d) There are companies which offer 50% no claim bonus (NCB) every year if there was no claim by you in the last year.
(e) Mediclaim insurance policy is a very good option. For the common man, it is a boon. It offers cashless facility. It also offers income tax rebate upto Rs.15,000/- per annum under section 80D.
(f) Some service providers offer 20% discount if you buy two-year policy side by side providing cashless facilities in thousands of hospitals spread all over India.
(g) There are insurance providers who offer cashless facilities so also life time renewal.
(h) There are policies starting from Rs.2/- per day only
(i) Special cashless facilities exist for Girl Child and Single Woman.

The purpose of affordable insurance is served only if the compensation is paid well in time, so that in the dire need you dont have to spend money from your pocket. So in the most competitive word of insurance today, there is no dearth of reputed companies offering you best ways to settle your claims. There are companies who commit to settle claims in seven days. They offer cashless facilities in thousands of hospitals on their panel and also offer 24&7 personal assistance. Almost all facilities from any illness, broken limbs, burns, heart disease, brain hemorrhage, ambulance etc are covered in the insurance as agreed upon between you and the service provider.

Online Insurance Policy
It is advisable to buy online medical insurance plan. It is very simple, easy and cost-effective way. Just sitting in comforts of your cool/hot home, call for some online quotes free of cost. Then just spend some time on analyzing and short listing them. Out of the shortlisted ones, choose the best one which may look customized to your needs from all your angles and go in for that.

The only precaution you have to take is that once you have bought a policy, never forget to pay the premium in time, lest you lose all the benefits.
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