Causes of Women Sweating at Night - Tips to Keep You Sweating Less and Sleeping More

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Waking up sweating in the middle of the night can be bothersome and annoying.
As you lay in bed trying to fall back asleep but are still a bit too warm, wet, and uncomfortable to get the sleep you need.
Women can experience excessive sweating at night for a variety of reasons but many are part of womanhood.
Pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and the beginnings of menopause can bring about night sweats for women who may not have even had the issue before.
Women also tend to sleep next to their male partners who produce much more body heat and may prefer the room at a different temperature than what you are comfortable with adding to your misery.
When you go to bed and get in the covers, you normally feel pretty good and fall asleep.
But as the night goes on your body heat will warm up the air inside the covers as well as warm up the mattress underneath you.
Still unconscious dreaming away your body gradually warms up and starts to sweat until finally you are awakened due to the sweat and uncomfortable heat.
There are some solutions for night sweating.
First of all, you must look at diet.
Some vitamin deficiencies and lack of hydration can actually bring about a sweating issue day or night.
Making sure you have a proper diet can help with the sweats.
It's also a good idea to avoid hot, spicy food before bed and avoid eating large meals before bed as these will generate extra heat.
Hormonal imbalances bring about sweating.
Now there is no really simple solution to hormones as these changes are natural but some must undergo forms of hormonal therapy to maintain proper sleep and avoid sweating.
Reduction of overall body mass is another solution.
A smaller body won't generate as much heat.
Keeping the room a little more chilly than what feels good when falling asleep can keep the body cooler all night.
You might be a little bit cold when first sleeping but you won't have to wake up hot, uncomfortable, and sweaty during the night.
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