How to Sync Music Onto a Memory Card Without Using a USB Cable

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    • 1). Go to the computer containing the original music files. When you downloaded the music, you likely downloaded them to a computer and then loaded the files onto your music player. You will need to access these original files by turning on the corresponding computer and navigating to the location in the computer where those music files are stored.

    • 2). Use your mouse to select all of the music files you want to sync. If you are syncing all your music files, simply place your mouse before the first file and left click, then drag the mouse to the right and bottom until the last file has been highlighted. If selecting only some music files, choose the first by left-clicking with your mouse on the file, then select the next one by pressing "Ctrl" on your keyboard while left-clicking on it with your mouse. Hit "Ctrl" and "C" simultaneously on your keyboard. This will copy all the highlighted files.

    • 3). Plug in your memory card, open “My Computer” and then locate your memory card. Click to open it. Hit "Ctrl" and "V" simultaneously on your keyboard. This will paste all the files you previously selected. Your music files should now appear on your memory card.

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