Network Marketing Lead Generation Systems - Don"t Get Taken Advantage of and Manipulated

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This is going to be an eye opening experience...
and even a little maddening and irritating to some.
Like any old industry, people twist and manipulate people's vulnerability (sore spot) in order to get them to listen to their message.
I guess that is what you call marketing but some people have take it a little further.
They belittle people for buying leads to the point of "Only suckers buy leads" or "lead generation systems scam people" or MLM has lied to you by selling you the notion of "tiny" checks..
Success really comes down to you.
Not your upline and not a system.
Not G.
business or an MLM business.
What you choose to do or not do on a day to day basis will determine your results.
This brings us back to marketing systems.
You see, network marketing lead generation systems are literally flooding the Internet marketplace.
A few are good, but many are not; simply because they are not optimized for Internet marketing.
Some people like to paint a broad brush over all of them and point to the crappiest marketing system and say, "See here, looky here, these systems all look a like and you're giving away all your leads to the owner!" Or the naysayers will say, "All these systems look alike, you're no better than using your company's replicated page!" That's like finding the worst specimen for a man (for example a wife beater) and saying "Looky here, all men are like this one here...
they're all wife beaters!" That doesn't make sense and it's not a fair statement to make.
Not all men beat up on their wives...
and not all MLM marketing systems are junk.
When people try to manipulate you and turn you into some kind of victim, think long and hard and see if they're making sense or if they're trying to get you over their way of thinking by painting a broad brush by over generalizing.
If you're not having success, don't rush off and buy more leads or immediately join a system.
Take your best guess at what the problem is.
Odds are you're not talking to enough quality people or you're not bringing enough quality traffic to your website.
Depending upon how you're marketing, you will then decide what your next best step should be.
And it just may be a system or it may not.
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