Cool "As Seen on TV" Gift Ideas for Her - All Under $20 - Cami Secret, Heel Tastic, Bare L

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It's no secret that most of us guys, as thoughtful and considerate as we all are, typically are pretty lousy when it comes to gift ideas for our women.
And if you're reading this, you must be looking for a little help.
We generally fit into one of two categories: the guy that doesn't put much thought into it because "she's just going to return it next week anyway" OR the guy that still languishes around the mall for hours looking for the perfect gift that, of course, she'll return next week (otherwise known as Rookies or Newbies).
Diamonds are a great idea, but if your budget had something a little smaller in mind, here are some cool "As Seen on TV" gift ideas for her - and all are under $20.
Cami Secret: $9.
There are times when showing a little cleavage may be appropriate.
And there are others when being too revealing isn't appropriate: work, church, dinner with your parents, etc.
The Cami Secret is a quick & easy Clip-On Camisole that covers cleavage without her having to put on an extra, uncomfortable layer of clothing.
Sort of like a priest's collar, but for boobies.
Heel Tastic: $9.
Dry, cracked heels are a problem for men & women, but for women it's especially embarrassing.
Heel Tastic is an extremely effective glide-on lotion that revives tortured toes & heels in days.
The Neem & Karanja oils penetrate deep into the skin for soothing therapy.
I've tested Heel Tastic & this stuff is excellent.
Bare Lifts: $9.
A naturally perky look in virtually any outfit.
Bare Lifts are an adhesive tape that allows her to get an extra lift and feel more confident.
Kangaroo Keeper: $9.
Have you ever dared to dig into that purse or handbag to look for her keys or cell phone? If she's like most women, it's a jungle in there.
The Kangaroo Keeper is a tidy organizer that holds all of her essentials and easily moves from bag to bag.
Yoshi Blade: $19.
If you're lucky enough to have a wife that knows her way around the kitchen, she'll love the Yoshi Blade.
Ceramic utensils are all the rage because they last forever and almost never need to be sharpened.
Yoshi Blade is the last kitchen knife she'll ever need.
And anything ceramic under $20 is a tremendous value.
Twisty Towel: $9.
Blow-drying can be torture on her hair.
The Twisty Towel is a super-absorbent towel wrap that lessens the need for blow-drying.
Shake Weight: $19.
If you can get away with giving her a fitness gift without her getting the wrong idea, then the Shake Weight is perfect.
A great way to tone arms at home.
Wonder File: $14.
Wonder File is a portable workstation & organizer that is perfect for executives, teachers, moms-on-the-go, students, hobbyists, collectors and crafters...
anyone that is limited on space & heavy on work material.
Tons of pockets and enough space for a laptop too.
Fuzz Wizard: $9.
If guys walk around with lint or fuzz on our clothes, we might get a pass.
But not so for women.
The Fuzz Wizard is a small handheld electric fuzz buster that gently removes lint, pet hair or fuzz from clothes in seconds.
So, if you're on a budget & your lady is into Cool & Nifty Infomercial Products then any of these would make a great gift idea for her.
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