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Saviom is a software product and services company based in Sydney, Australia. Ever since its start in 1999, Saviom has been providing management software that helps small and big organizations to effectively manage their projects and resources.

Savioms Resource Planning flagship product Saviom resource planner (SRP) has been specially developed from the ground up to effectively utilize the resources and maximize the returns on the most critical business investment, which are commonly overlooked. Therefore we have developed SRP, a powerful tool that lets you...

Identify the Right Resource for the Right Job
Saviom Resource Planning Software (SRP) enables you to identify the right resource from a BIG pool of resources. It does this by searching for resources based on user defined parameters such as Skill, Role, Location, Availability etc. This realises the concept of Right Resource for the Right Job.

Easily book resources against Jobs
Once the right resource has been identified, bookings can be done by a simple drag and drop. SRP even allows you to book multiple resources at the same time.

Increase the Utilisation of Your Resources
Saviom Resource Planning Software (SRP) has powerful, flexible and informative reports which clearly reflect your resource utilisation at individual and group level. It tells you when and where your resources are booked and also shows their availability. This information helps you to dramatically improve your resource utilisation.

Realistically and Accurately Forecast Your Resources
Based on demand and availability of resources, powerful reports are clearly able to forecast your resource requirements in advance. They report accurate shortfall and excess capacity of resources. This information is vital for effective resource planning which in turn maximises returns.

Timesheets & Management Reports
Resources can do timesheets and capture time spent against bookings and management can easy access informative reports which compare actual time against planned time.

Loads of Useful Features
SRP supports proportionate and parallel bookings.
Non human resources (e.g. Meeting rooms, equipment etc...) can be easily scheduled.
Generates booking notification e-mail.
Shows most utilised and most underutilized resources.

Saviom Resource Planning Softwares (SRP) main features include

Resource Booking
Identify and schedule resources based on skills and roles.
Allocate resources by a simple drag and drop.
Book resources proportionately.
Easily Edit Bookings.
Send booking confirmation e-mail.

Resource Utilisation
See utilisation of all the resources in a given date range.
Easily indentify under and over allocated resources.
Data visible in %, Hours and Days.
Informative graph shows resource utilisation.
Colour scheme for quick identification.

Resource Availability
See availability of all resources in a given date range
Easily search and indentify resources based on availability
Data visible in % and Hours
Informative graph shows resource availability
Colour scheme for quick identification

Capacity Vs Demand Screen
Compare resource demand against availability
Identify resource shortages and excess based on allocation
View data by hours, days and FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
Formulate accurate resource plans

Resource Profile
Search and sort resources based on skills and roles
Easily maintain resource profiles
View resources by Type, Team or Alphabetically
Easily manage profiles of human and non human resources.
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