Does Your Mail Forwarding Service Have Opportunities for Improvement?

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Some people want more out of their mail forwarding service, some want less.
Some just want to complain that prices are too high, scan timing too long etc.
But if you think about it, are there really a lot of opportunities for improvement? There may be a few, but some things are still an impossible wish based on the fact that you do still rely on the US Postal Service to actually deliver your mail to the service you have on your address request.
This is normally not a problem because they are very efficient but you have to realize that after the mail is delivered, there may be at least a day needed to scan everything and put it all online for you to review.
Think about how long your mail currently sets on your table at home before you open it.
Then think about hiring a staff of people to make sure it's opened immediately after it's received.
And then consider that you will need someone to scan it and put those images into the computer.
It all takes time but your mail forwarding service already has the people and the process completely figured out to be the most efficient possible.
I suppose one of the improvements could be the availability of different virtual addresses.
This too has been accomplished by one service, and partly by another.
But to me it doesn't seem like the virtual address would make that much of a difference.
The only preference I would have for a business address is that it should look like a street address and not be a simple PO Box.
For some reason I think that an actual street address gives potential customers a better feeling that you are a legitimate company.
Even though a few of the services have improved as much as they can, these are still considerations you need to look into as you investigate your choices on where your mail goes.
You DO want a company that has been in business for quite some time and has perfected the process.
There are a few start-up companies popping up that may not offer you the selection of service preferences you'll want for your mail.
Larger companies also have more efficient scanners which definitely improves the speed and readability of your scans.
Make sure that whoever you're considering for your service is not just a forwarding company.
You want to have the option of viewing your mail online otherwise, what's the point?
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