How to Write a Descriptive Essay Online

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    • 1). Set up an account with a free server such as LiveJournal, Blogger or Wordpress. Create a user name, either using your real name or choosing a pseudonym if you wish to publish your descriptive essays online anonymously. Follow the website's steps for creating your account, then log-in using your user name and password.

    • 2). Choose an event, object or person as the focus of your descriptive essay. If you are planning on practicing regularly, choose several different points of focus for essays and make a schedule for your blog or journal.

    • 3). Click "New Post" and begin writing. Rather than try to structure your descriptive essay immediately, start by writing all of the words and phrases that describe your topic that come to mind as a list. Focus on all five sense -- sight, touch, taste, sound, smell -- and include words that describe each of these elements as you experienced them with the topic.

    • 4). Write your essay, working in the words and phrases you listed into cohesive sentences. Add your personal thoughts and feelings on the topic, as they play an important role in bringing the reader there with you.

    • 5). Read and edit your descriptive essay, checking for grammatical and structure errors. Ask yourself if you can create a detailed mental image of this topic based on the essay, and what more you could add to enrich the experience of reading it.

    • 6). Click "Publish" to share your descriptive essay online. If you want your essay online but wish to keep it private, or to limit who may read your essays, go to privacy settings and click "Private," adding the names of any users who may view your work as necessary. Depending on the website you are using, you may need to send an invitation via email to those people you want to read your essays.

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