Aspects Of Janam Kundli Or Vedic Birth Chart

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In the absence of any of them, drawing up of an exact and precise Janam Kundali is difficult from astrological point of view.
1.Longitude: It is a degree representation of the distance of any point on earth from a central place with the name of Greenwich, England. The Prime Median is drawn up from North pole to South pole, and Greenwich (England) located on that median is considered to be the point of zero degrees longitude, from where all other points on the earth are measured, which are either on the east side or west side of the Greenwich city.
2.Latitude: It is a degree representation of the distance of any point on earth which is either north or south of Equator.
3.Sidereal Time: It is the total time which Earth takes to complete one full rotation. One might usually consider it to be 24 hours; however it is slightly altering in its nature, depending on the length of days and nights.
4.Date of Birth: Date of birth is very important in drawing up a Janam Kundali, as it defines many other aspects in it. According to Hindu astrology, one day is counted as the time in between two subsequent sunrises. This system is different from the common system as followed by people all around the world, which consider the time of 00:00 as the end of the previous day and beginning of the new day. For instance, according to Hindu astrological system, if a person is born at 01:00 Am of 3rd March, then it will be considered as a birth on the date of 2nd March, and not 3rd March.
5.Time of Birth: There is a bit of confusion regarding the consideration of time of birth of a child. While some consider it to be the time, when the head or limb of a child appears out, some others consider it to be a time when the entire head of as child is visible. Then, there are some others who consider it to be the time when the entire body of a child is delivered. With an increased trend of giving births in hospitals, getting an exact time of the birth of a child is difficult, as doctors carrying out the birth process are least bothered about getting the time of the birth, and are more concerned about getting a safe delivery.
6.Place of Birth: The place of the birth is the place where a person is born. More often than not, ne is required to mention about the city or state of birth, and not the name of a hospital or a certain small locality. Latitudes and longitudes for the mentioned place is self calculated and assessed by the Janam Kundali software.

After getting all this information in place, any able astrologer or even online methods of making Janam Kundali can draw a precise and clear picture of anyones Janam Kundli in small matter of time.
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