How to Qualify for a Class B CDL

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    • 1). Take the Knowledge and Skills test, which consists of at least 30 questions. In order to pass the Knowledge portion, you must answer at least 80 percent of the questions correctly. The Skills test must be taken in a vehicle similar to the one you plan to operate with your CDL. Go to any driver's licensing office to schedule this test or to request a list of Third Party Testers (TPTs) who can also administer the test.

    • 2). Attend a truck driver training course. While this is not required to obtain your Class B CDL, many drivers feel more confident in their abilities if they receive specialized training in the operation of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Many schools, such as MTC Truck Driver Training, provide training nationwide.

    • 3). Certify that you have a good driving record. For the 2 years prior to application for the CDL, you cannot have had your license suspended, revoked or canceled. You must not have any major convictions that involve a motor vehicle. You may only have one serious traffic violation and no prior accidents in which you were at fault.

    • 4). Provide evidence that you have driving experience, either through regular employment that involves operation of a CMV, prior completion or a Skills test or two years of experience driving a representative vehicle before CDL application.

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