Credit Restoration Help

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    Remove Negative Information

    • Negative information can lower your credit score. Thus, it's imperative to check your own credit history at least once a year to ensure that creditors report accurate information. Annual Credit Report makes it easy to obtain a free credit report. Simply visit the agency's official website and provide the requested information to verify your identity. Within minutes you'll be able to review your reports from one or all three credit bureaus.

    Pay On Time

    • Significantly help your personal rating and restore your credit by paying creditors on time. Timeliness accounts for 35 percent of your credit score. Potential creditors will closely examine your credit reports. They'll look to see if you pay your accounts as agreed, or if you have a habit of lateness or delinquencies. Missing several payments and sending in late payments lowers your score and reduces financing options.

    Reduce Credit Card Debt

    • Lower credit card debt and expand the gap between what you owe your creditors and your credit limit. Maxing out credit cards or keeping account balances higher than 30 percent of the limit can bring down your personal credit rating. Paying off or paying down debt calls for a plan. Make higher monthly payments, reduce credit card use and always pay off new charges within a month.

    Learn From Experts

    • Contact a consumer credit counseling agency for help on managing your credit and personal finances. Lack of knowledge can contribute to a poor credit rating. A professional agency will help you learn the importance of maintaining good credit, how to budget and the basics of good credit management. Consumer credit counseling agencies also speak with creditors on your behalf to help you acquire better rates and payments on your debts. Avoid service fees by using nonprofit credit counseling.

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