To Settle or Not to Settle

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I am a single woman in my early thirties.
Most of females around my age in this country have been married for years with at least one child.
Two of my younger brothers have just celebrated their nuptials while my 8-years-younger sister is in a serious relationship.
I have lost count how many times my mum is nagging at me to settle down.
I told her not to worry because I am not.
I believe love can find us at any age if it is meant to be.
Do I long to have my own family? Of course I do.
However, I have promised myself that I will not be hasty in deciding to settle down.
Some people sneer that I have been too choosy and I counter why not.
I am going to wake up next to this special person for tens of years, and therefore I have to make sure I am fussy enough that I am choosing the most compatible partner.
A lifetime is a very long time indeed to live with someone you do not completely love.
I used to believe that it is better to be in a relationship with someone who loves you than you him since that means you minimize the risk of getting hurt.
I am convinced that scores of women believe that.
A female author wrote a book titled "Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr.
Good Enough" advising women to learn to accept Mister Good Enough instead of spending a good part of your years chasing Mister Right.
Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way to disagree with this notion.
Choosing to settle down with someone just because he is the next guy to propose to you is not a strong enough reason.
I personally have learned that a mutually loving and passionate partnership will be more durable in the long run.
Without that requited chemistry, no romance can endure.
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