The Politics of Cancer or Why We Don"t Have a Cure

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As stated in the New York Times recently and adjusted for the size and age of the population the cancer death rate has only dropped 5 percent over the last 55 years, up until 2005.
Why has it done so poorly despite being told they are slowly winning the war against the disease? The reason why they haven't made progress in solving the cancer problem is the entire treatment industry has been following a faulty paradigm for close to 100 years.
They commonly believe that by cutting, burning or purging the body of these foreign growths they have successfully beaten the disease.
And of course the presumption that cancerous cells must be cut out or somehow removed from the body is accepted without question by everyone these days.
What you will not be told is, you don't need to cut it out or otherwise purge it, all you need to do is to stop the cancer cells from dividing and they will disappear on their own as quickly as they appeared.
Every human body is capable of doing this.
Today we only have expensive toxic treatments that subject patients to much mutilation and suffering, yet these treatments mostly yield survival improvements of only a few months.
While our mainstream medical system is very good at diagnosing cancer, their treatments are in place because of their ability to return a profit.
Profit features in all western medicine today with their patented drugs and the treatments for cancer are their star performer.
The pharmaceutical companies are the most profitable industries on earth.
I'm well aware that people with cancer don't want to make changes to the way they live.
Most patients just want to get well, but what many of them mean by getting well is "I want to be the way I was before I got sick.
" Life-style factors such as smoking, poor diet, exposure to radiation and poisons, lack of exercise, and negative thinking are all factors that cause or promote cancer.
Most patients who are successful in healing cancer make significant changes in their life-style.
In fact, healing requires life-style changes.
If we attack the tumour without improving the underlying system that caused it, the body will usually make more tumours.
We must never forget that our main weapon against cancer is our own body, which is our immune system.
Our body can mend itself when injured, this we know and it's because we all have an immune system.
It can also recover from cancer using this same system but it requires good nutrition to achieve this.
This protective and repair system is incredibly powerful.
It has long been known that all cancers are related to the food we choose to eat or the food we don't eat.
That is, when it comes to our diet there are two types of food.
Those that cause cancer cells to grow and those that causes cancer cells to die so they can be eliminated by the body itself.
To overcome a diagnosis of cancer one needs to remove the foods that stimulates our desires and causes the problem and change to the food that nourishes the body.
A diet of freshly grown fruit and vegetables will do that.
Research into our natural food today reaffirms what Hippocrates said 2500 years ago, "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.
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