Creative World History Projects

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    Royal Trees

    • Genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. An amateur genealogist learns quickly how to prepare an ancestral or pedigree chart, commonly referred to as a family tree. This is a project to apply to world history, enabling the student to get a better grasp on the historical sequence of certain events. For example, when studying royal lines, prepare a family tree beginning at the last or current monarch and move backward. After adding each generation to the tree, include the typical notations, such as date and place of birth and death, and add a brief description, including the reign and demise, of the monarch.

    Theatrical Production

    • History, formerly The History Channel, is often the educator of choice for those learning about world history. Movies, instead of books, visually illustrate events while being entertaining. Unfortunately, not all movies about historical events accurately depict history. In spite of this, theatrical productions make suitable creative history projects. For the student coming to grasp with a series of events, writing a play or puppet show on the topic and then presenting that production help clarify and define the event. It is a project suitable for a small or large group of participants.


    • A timeline visually puts into perspective a series of historical events. An ambitious and creative world history project is to create a timeline, covering a specific time frame. Displaying the finished product takes up a significant amount of space, especially if the entire timeline is extended. One way around this is to create blocks of time on separate sheets of paper such as on horizontally positioned legal size paper. Each piece of paper must represent the same block of time, such as 50 years or 100 years span. This makes it easier to add information to each block or page. When the timeline is finished, tape the ends of the sheets together, creating one long piece of paper, which folds accordion-like into a book. To help connect with the information, include personal information at appropriate points of the timeline, such as the date of birth of a parent, grandparent and great-grandparent. This helps bring time into perspective. It is also possible to create a timeline using Microsoft Excel.

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