Kettlebell Weight Exercises

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    Kettlebell Front Squat

    • Hold the kettlebell slightly above your chest, stride feet apart while your knees are slightly bent. Flex your hips and knees, allowing your body to bend slightly. Flex your upper body forward on every movement. Keep your back straight and allow your body to sit back so that your thighs can be positioned parallel to the ground, then repeat.

    Kettlebell Windmill

    • Take a kettlebell in one hand and perform a press, lifting it straight above your head in an arm locked out position. Push your hips outward in the direction of the locked arm. Lower yourself gradually until you can touch the ground with your free hand, keeping your back straight at all times. Lift back up and repeat. Then switch hands and repeat the exercise.

    Kettlebell Cleans

    • Bend the upper torso at the hips while keeping your back straight. Then quickly lift the kettlebell by stretching your knees, hips and ankle away from the floor in a bouncy manner. Hold your position for two minutes and gently pull the kettlebell toward your body. Repeat the steps, keeping smooth, for at least two sets.

    Single Arm Kettlebell Jerk

    • Bend your knees slightly, stride feet apart. Hold the kettlebell to ear level with the palms facing forward. Quickly squat halfway and then immediately stand up and lengthen your legs while hands are pressed above the head. Remember to keep the wrist above the elbow during the arms' parallel movements. Repeat from the beginning and make sure you use your legs when lifting weight overhead.

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