6 Tips To Trimming Your Bulldog"s Nails

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Trimming your bulldog's nails is something that can be real tough for both you and your them.
No matter what your best intentions are, your bulldog may never be comfortable with having their nails trimmed.
Knowing you have a few options will help you to figure out the best way to go about this chore.
For instance, you can decide to clip their nails in stages.
You could clip one paw a day or even a couple nails off of the same paw a day.
You can also have a professional groomer or your vet take care of it.
The whole idea is to make sure you trim the nails before they become overgrown.
Here are some tips you can try when trimming your dog's toenails: Get your bulldog used to having their feet handled: This is very important because most dogs in general hate having their feet touched.
The sooner they get used to this, the better! Get some help: If for some reason your bulldog's nails are too long the first time you go to clip them, you can get your veterinarian or a groomer to show you the proper length they should be clipped.
After they show you, then you should be able to do it yourself.
Take one paw at a time: This technique is excellent for dogs who hate their feet touched and nails trimmed.
Trim one paw at a time, giving them a break before going on to the next paw.
You can do one paw a day, or one paw an hour or whatever works for you.
Give a treat: Giving your bulldog a good treat after the trimming can help a lot.
Give them a doggie cookie, or a piece of cheese or something along those lines.
As time goes on, they can know what's coming after each time their nails are trimmed and will usually behave better.
That's the idea anyway! Use a nail grinder instead of clippers: Some dogs can handle a nail grinder much better than clippers.
If you are having problems with using a clipper, then try a nail grinder.
It looks like a rotary tool and can help things go much easier on both you and your bulldog.
Trim the nails weekly: The best thing to do is to trim the nails on a weekly basis.
It not only keeps their nails in good shape and helps to prevent breaking problems, doing this will help your bulldog get used to a nail trimming routine.
If you can hear your bulldog's nails clicking when walking on a hard surface, you need to trim them.
As time goes by and you develop a routine, nail trimming should become easier.
Again, if you have a stubborn bulldog who just doesn't want to cooperate, then you need to have a professional take care of it.
Paying the small price for the service is well worth the time, effort and money!
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