Four Tips For Buying a Pet Canary

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So, you're thinking about buying a pet canary huh?  Well, there are a few things you should know before you make a purchase.
  This article will give you a few tips.
Health It should go without saying that you want to pick out a healthy bird.
  Look for one that's quite active.
  If he just sits still in the cage, then you shouldn't take him home.
  You should also try to ensure there are no parasites under the feathers or on the feet or beak before you take him home.
Molting Speaking of health, you should avoid buying a pet canary that's molting.
  The process of molting creates a lot of physical stress on birds.
  If you take him home during this time, he will experience a great amount of stress.
  This proves to be fatal in many cases.
  It can happen just a few hours after you get the canary home.
Gender One of the next things you should consider when buying one of these birds is their gender.
  Most people buy one because they want to hear them sing.
  Well, females don't sing, only males do.
  Therefore, make sure your new bird is a male if you want to hear singing.
  You should also try to listen to the bird sing before you buy him.
  Only buy a female if you're trying to breed her.
  Type Did you know that there are different species of canaries?  Well there are.
  You should be able to find the generic yellow birds at your local pet store.
  However, if you want a less common species, you may have to buy one from a breeder.
  If buying a pet canary from a breeder, make sure you research more than one.
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