How do I Remove an Electric PTO on a 265 John Deere?

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    • 1). Park the lawn mower on level ground, remove the key from the ignition and engage the parking brake.

    • 2). Move the mower deck level lever, located on the left side rear fender, to the lowest setting.

    • 3). Unhook the tension rod on the bottom of the right side of the deck. Push the tension rod toward the front wheels and out of the way.

    • 4). Remove the primary deck belt connecting the electric PTO to the mower deck. Slide it off of the pulleys on the electric PTO and mower deck.

    • 5). Lift the front end of the tractor with the jack. Be sure to place the jack under the frame of the tractor so the weight of the tractor is supported. Slide the jack stands under each side of the tractor frame, in front of the front wheels, then lower the tractor onto the jack stands.

    • 6). Remove the wire harness from the side of the electric PTO. Lift the tab on the connector, then pull the connector off of the electric PTO.

    • 7). Place one hand below the electric PTO to support its weight, then remove the 5/8 inch bolt located below the electric PTO using the air wrench. The electric PTO will drop from the mower once the bolt is removed.

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