How Your Vehicle Affects Your Insurance

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Insurance premiums are determined by a number of different factors.
Many of them are outside of a driver's control, like age and driving experience.
But some factors can be controlled by a consumer, including the type of vehicle that they drive.
The make and model of a person's car can play a role in the cost and type of insurance a consumer may be able to get.
Because of the importance that insurance companies place on car models, consumer should be aware of how their car may affect their insurance as well.
Certain models of cars are considered to be higher risk in certain types of claims that other.
There are six types of claims that insurance companies consider when they determine the relative safety of a car.
Insurance companies consider the cost of a claim in collisions, property damage claims, comprehensive claims, personal injury protection, medical claims and bodily injury claims.
These six categories allow an insurance company to have a good idea how much an individual car may cost in one of these types of accidents.
Most cars that are sold in the United States are tested and real life accidents are evaluated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for their response in six different categories.
This data is compiled and normalized to rank each car on a scale.
Any ranking over 100 indicates that a car may cost more than average in the case of an accident or claim.
Cars that rank less than 100 will be safer and less expensive than the average car in the case of a claim or accident.
This data is open to the public and can help you determine which type of car is best for you and your family.
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