Get Your Ex to Call Into Question Everything He Believes About You

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I really admire individuals who really want to learn how to do something new.
Studies show that if you want to change someone's belief, you cannot make him feel wrong about his decision.
If you want to get back together with your man, you need a roadmap to help you to become successful.
If you don't know what to do, find out what people do to cause them to have a successful makeup.
Make that your goal and follow a strategy that works.
If you use a formula that has worked before, it will almost guarantee your success.
Create a window of opportunity and follow simple steps and you will be on your way.
If you make mistakes, get right up again keep trying.
Successful relationships follow certain rules and if you've ever felt regret over something you did or said, know what to do and what to avoid.
Here's something many individuals do not know.
When you argue with someone about what they think, they have to try to defend their ego.
If they have a choice between defending their ego or taking sides with you, who do think will win? We are all about self preservation and your man will choose number 1 over you every time if you make him feel that his decision to end the relationship wasn't a very good one.
You may think that he's selfish or he should appreciate you more and I have to be really honest with you.
Thinking like this will make you selfish in HIS eyes because he'll think you are arrogant.
He'll think you are not getting why he's breaking up with you.
He will not be able to respect you if you can't seem to get what he wants.
You have to give him what he wants in order to get what you want.
But you have to do it with a plan or your emotions will not be able to handle the feelings of loss.
This makes no sense to your rational mind because you will think you are losing.
You fear you will lose even more.
I have been there.
When I was faced with my breakup, I felt I lost so giving up the chase would make me lose even more.
But this is not how it works when it comes to getting your man back.
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