How to Price Concrete Stepping Stones to Sell

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      Your price depends a lot on your mold.Sun Face on Stepping Stone image by nTripp from

      Look on popular online auction websites. Create an account in order to use the advanced search tool.

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      These would be nice with leaf imprints.stepping stones image by Dank Van Rank from

      Click on advanced search and then click on completed listings. Type "concrete stepping stones" or just "stepping stones" in the search bar. Notice that some of the listings are for molds rather than completed stepping stones.

    • 3). Scroll through the completed listings and find out how well comparable stepping stones sell and for how much. This gives you a general idea of pricing. Keep in mind, it costs up to $10 to ship them, so they may not be selling like hotcakes.

    • 4). Decide where you are selling your stepping stones. If you have monthly garage sales, bargain hunters may admire your stepping stones, but insult you with low-ball offers. Explain that a lot of work goes into making high-quality concrete stepping stones and that molds are not cheap.

    • 5). Check stepping stone pricing at local stores. If you find a store in which to display and sell your stepping stones, price them comparably, but slightly cheaper than the competition. Keep in mind, major home improvement stores sell plain, factory-made 12-inch-by-12-inch round stepping stones for less than $2.

    • 6). Set your price high and give it a week or two, when selling original stepping stones at a store or garden center. Lower the price and mark them as "on sale," if they do not sell quick enough.

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      stepping stones image by cherie from

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