Bicycle Trails in Palm Springs, California

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      Palm Springs is a scenic town in southern California. There are plenty of parks, forests and flat land to make bike riding enjoyable in this city. Some trails are designed for the novice bike rider, while some trails have a bit of edge, which can keep the expert bike rider entertained. Whatever level of bike riding you are at, you can find a trail that suits you in Palm Springs.

    Deepwell Loop

    • The Deepwell Loop stretches along the Moorten Botanical Gardens, providing pleasant views of the flowers, plants and forestry. It starts out at the corner of Mesquite Avenue and South Palm Canyon Drive. That stretch of the trail is the part that passes the gardens. From there it heads south until it reaches Laverne Way and turns east. At Sunrise Way the trail heads north across South Indian Trail until it reaches Mesquite Avenue and heads west. At the end of Mesquite is the South Palm Canyon Drive, the beginning of the trail. It is a simple ride with beautiful views. This bike trail is approximately 13 miles long.

    Canyon Country Club Loop

    • The Canyon Country Club Loop goes all around Murray Canyon. The trail goes north up Toledo Avenue, west on Laverne Way, south on South Palm Canyon Drive and then east on Murray Canyon Road until it intersects back at Toledo. This ride is short but provides stunning views of the canyon. This bike trail is approximately eight miles long.

    Citywide Loop

    • The Citywide Loop is the longest trail in Palm Springs at about 35 miles long, and stretches almost entirely around the city. Bike riders can begin the trail at the corner of Palm Canyon Drive and Tachevah Drive. From that point, the trail goes west and loops around heading south on Belajo Drive. The trail then goes east for a short distance on Sunny Dunes Road, and quickly turns south onto South Palm Canyon Drive. On South Palm Canyon Drive, the trail goes past the Moorten Botanical Gardens. When the trail reaches Murray Canyon, it turns to head northeast up Toledo Avenue. At Mesquite Avenue the trail turns left followed shortly after by another left at the Bel Air Greens. The trail continues north until it reaches Tacheva Road, where it turns west until it reaches its starting point.

    Downtown Loop

    • The downtown loop is a circular bike trail that surrounds downtown Palm Springs. It begins on Ramon Road, turns left and heads north toward the Convention Center, then goes right down Alejo Road, and the final stretch of the trail goes south on Belardo back to Ramon Road. It is a short ride and an easy way to see downtown. This is a good trail for those who want to take pit stops around town. This trail is approximately 13 miles in length.

    Civic Center Loop

    • The Civic Center Loop starts off heading east on Mesquite Avenue and bears left at the end of Mesquite. The trail goes north from there, past City Hall on Civic Drive. At City Hall, the trail goes west down Alejo Road. The final stretch of the trail heads south on Sunrise Way. It is a relatively short bike trail, at around eight miles.

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