Weight Loss Top Ten List

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Okay, so top ten lists have always held significance in things from TV shows to sports.
Top ten basketball players, top ten comedians.
Top ten vacation spots.
You name it they probably have a top ten list for it.
You know what it makes sense.
It gives credence to someone or something as being important.
So how does that apply to weight loss you might add.
Okay, I am sure there must be many top ten lists about weight loss.
I mean I can think of so many.
However for this article I am going to stick to a simple starting point.
Why do you want to lose weight.
Well here is a good weight loss tip before we begin my top ten list.
Ask yourself why is it I want to lose weight? If you can not answer that I think you are not going to get very far.
So here goes, here is my top ten reasons you want to lose weight.
Please feel free to erase and add your own instead.
Number One - You want to build self confidence.
Think about how good you will feel once you have lost that weight.
You develop a glow they can not get rid of.
You will love it.
Number Two- Your running out of clothes.
I have so many cloths that do not fit in my closet I can make a garage sale.
But I would rather save the money and just fit into them again.
Number Three- Health.
I know people do not like to think about these things but the reality is when you are overweight in addition to the to tole it takes on your heart, you develop many other possible issues.
You name a disease, cancer, diabetes there is a study of how obesity increases the odds.
I am not trying to scare anyone but I am trying to convince people.
There is a reason The Biggest Loser is a great show.
The do not mince words and tell you things like that.
Number Four- That rival girlfriend or boyfriend you want to make jealous.
So that special someone dumped you.
The reason does not matter.
You have been looking to get under their skin ever since.
Well now you can.
Pretty cool huh? Number Five- Want that new job? Well I hate to say this but your more likely to get it as the slimmer you.
Number Six- Keep up with the grandkids.
In some cases it is even your own children.
Want to coach that soccer team.
Want to go out back and toss the football around.
It becomes a lot easier when you have the ability to go after the ball.
Number Seven- You will have increased energy.
It will give you more.
Number Eight- More positive outlook, you will be more happy.
Not sure just how to explain this but it happens so go with it.
Number Nine- Get things done faster.
Your wife has been asking you to fix that fence for how long? Well now an hour later you can come in and say done.
Now what? Number Ten- All of the above.
Pick one, two or all but in the end you will not regret losing that weight.
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