How to Freeze Salsa With Cider Vinegar

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    • 1). Ensure that the cider vinegar salsa is at room temperature. If you have made homemade sauce, which has been simmered, allow the salsa to cool for an hour or so.

    • 2). Stand the airtight freezer bag upright. Ladle about 2 or 3 cups of salsa into the airtight freezer bag. Press out any air with the bag standing straight and zip close.

    • 3). Lay the bag of salsa flat so when it freezes it will take a thin, pancake-like shape. Use a permanent marker to identify the salsa and the date it was frozen.

    • 4). Place in the freezer and allow to solidify for about 4 hours. Cider vinegar salsa can be kept in the freezer for about a year.

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