How to Hide a Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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    • 1). Measure the width of the front of the medicine cabinet from one edge to the other. Measure the cabinet's height, from the top of the cabinet to the bottom of it. Write down the measurement.

    • 2). Turn the blackboard or laminated art face down on a flat surface. Use the tape measure and mark the measurements of the medicine cabinet on the back of the item.

    • 3). Position self-adhesive magnets on the back of the blackboard or laminated art. Stick one magnet every 6 inches along each edge of the item you're going to use to hide the mirror medicine cabinet. The distance between magnets doesn't have to be exact.

    • 4). Hold the chalkboard or art against the medicine cabinet to check that the magnets hold. If there isn't enough metal contact, use a pencil or grease pencil to mark the positions on the mirror cabinet where you'll need to apply magnets to connect with the magnets on your cabinet camouflage item.

    • 5). Stick the self-adhesive magnets over the marks you made on the mirror cabinet. Line up the magnets on the back of the blackboard or art with the magnets on the cabinets. The magnets form a strong attachment to hold your camouflage in place to hide the medicine cabinet.

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