What"s Wrong With Truth, Common Sense, and Anti-Socialist Content Online?

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Capitalism built America into the greatest nation on Earth.
In fact, the greatest country in human history.
Still, we find so many that want us to dump what works, for some pie-in-the-sky dream, a way of running a society and civilization that has been proven not to work, over and over again throughout the written record.
Socialism will destroy the middle class, divide us, and take all that we know.
We must not allow false prophets to have the podium and recite the words of Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, or Mao.
Capitalism pushes people up; communism and socialism pushes people down.
Indeed, we have allowed non-sense to trump common sense, and misrepresented-half-truth to trump the real truth.
It's a travesty, but not irreversible.
Today, we see many who've been elected by way of mass media distortions and character assassinations, now in office, like little kids in a sand box, they run and tell the teacher; "he called me a name," of course, no mention that they are the ones who knocked down the shining sand castle on the mound, and stole the golden shovel that built it.
So, we shouldn't let the "Socialists" take over our nation using race-baiting techniques, hypocrite-tactics, and childish complaints of "name-calling" and continue to dish it out without taking it.
We should not allow our nation to be overrun by the half-wits and we must not allow the voice of reality and reason turn into the censored words or wisdom that once was.
During the period when President Bush was in office; I spent 6-years listening to Los Angeles Westsiders, who called themselves liberals but were closet socialists, some communists call President Bush and Conservatives, Little Hitlers, Liars, Scum, and you name it.
Now, they've used that name-calling as a platform to get elected and control the House and Senate, White House and soon, the Supreme Court.
But oh, no, we better not say anything even close, even when that shoe fits them better than OJ's glove.
So, whereas, I agree name-calling is not right and lacks decorum, not suitable for online content, which really does need to be a "cut-above" the sound and fury, chaos and controversy, and contrived and crisis driven media, still, if a citizen cannot state fact, then, well, all is lost, and our freedoms and liberties are hypocrisies.
Is this to what we aspire as Americans? Don't answer me, answer your own mirror.
Look what we are allowing to become of this great country; your country too.
If you fail to care now, you don't deserve all we are and all we've built, and you've decided by inaction; in that case, please disregard this article.
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