Formula One Trophies

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Throughout the Formula One racing season which commences in March every year and ends around October/November those who win, come second or third in a race are presented with a trophy.
Plus a constructor's trophy is awarded to the team of the vehicle that one the race.
What you will soon discover that the country's where the events take place they make the decision of what their trophies will look like.
Unfortunately some of the trophies presented to those who have the honor of standing on the podium are not what these people were expecting.
However, there are other trophies which are truly a pleasure to have in one's trophy cabinet.
The one trophy that all drivers who compete in Formula 1 wish to be holding at the end of the season is the FIA Trophy.
During the last couple of seasons competition has been fierce and there was only one point between the first and second place drivers during the 2007 and 2008 season.
In 2007 the FIA trophy was awarded to Kimi Raikkonen, but in 2008 it was awarded to the British driver Lewis Hamilton.
The actual trophy is one that each driver will hold until the start of the following F1 season and their names will be etched onto it along with the year in which it was won.
Then as the new season begins it is returned to the governing body of Formula 1.
Although many drivers would like to be presented with this award at the last race in the season it is only presented to them at an event that takes place afterwards.
Generally the event that the drivers attend is held in Monaco and along with presenting the drivers trophy, one is presented to the winning team (constructors).
There are other awards presented at this event as well.
One particular award that many British and Commonwealth drivers wish to be given is the Hawthorn Memorial Trophy.
This presented to the British or Commonwealth driver who has proven to be most successful during that seasons Formula 1 World Championship.
The trophy itself was first presented by a member of Mike Hawthorn's family after whom the trophy is named, and who in 1958 was our first British F1 world champion.
But who unfortunately died a year later.
But as mentioned the most coveted trophy that drivers of Formula 1 cars which to hold is the FIA world trophy.
Currently the man that has actually won this particular trophy the most is Michael Schumacher who has won it a total of 7 times.
He won the title first in 1994 then again in 1995 he then was the winner of this particular trophy between 2000 and 2004.
The last five of his title wins in Formula 1 as a driver for Ferrari.
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