Here’s Four Quick Ways You Can Design Your With The Hottest New Styles

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The fundamentals remain the same when you are talking about interior design even though the trends change each season. The things that change are smaller like accessories, furniture, and colors change as well. And when it comes down to it, it's all about what makes you happy more than anything. You have to learn to trust what you like, not always what other sources tell you to do. 
Here is how you can get some inspiration from some of the 2011 design trends and make your home exactly the way you want it.
It's really important that you begin by knowing what fundamental style you are. You can be traditional, eclectic, or modern. The traditional style is old world, luxury, and has a lot of elegance in the design. It has a lot of gold inlays with some fine bedding. Eclectic is about a mix of old and new while modern is simply that, the new stuff.
Second, you are really going to like the renaissance style if you are fundamentally a traditionalist. The renaissance style is marked by antique furniture, mirrors, and crystal accessories. The colors that are going to serve as the base are chalk whites, grays, and gold. The Gold is a great accent color with purple and you need to pressure the luxury. When it comes to fabrics, you are going to see fine cottons, mulberry silk bedding, and heavy down used for different purposes. The lighting is also more regal with elegantly design lanterns and chandeliers.
Third, if you lean more towards the eclectic styling, you are probably going to like the resort design. The resort design is great because you have rustic woods with washed out colors. Grays, blues, and whites are your primary fundamentals with orange and yellow adding accent and pop. When it comes to choosing the right fabrics or linens, you can use silk, but the color choice is going to be really important. Maybe a silk duvet would be the perfect match. Ceiling fans are a great addition to this style and you can use a pretty dark wood to add some old style to the new furniture piece.
Fourth, there is the revival. While this particular style goes back to the 70's it's very modern in the furniture and accessory design. Just as you would expect with a modern style, white and black are going to be the main colors and you should toss in a bright color to add some pop. Lots of silver and shiny survives with a pop of one single color.
Use these styles and designs as inspiration and make something that is all you.
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